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Posted on Dec 22, 2016 in SI Joint Pain | 0 comments

How is SI joint dysfunction diagnosed?

How is SI joint dysfunction diagnosed?

Dr. Vikas Patel serves as the Chief Orthopedic Spine Surgeon for The Spine Center at University of Colorado Hospital.
SI joint dysfunction is not always easy. Generally, it’s a combination of a patient’s history, physical exam, and verification by an injection. The patient’s history is typically of chronic pain deep in the low back and buttock area and the inability to be comfortable in any position. The pain often worsens when sitting in one position, becomes slightly better with moving and walking but only really better with lying down.

For diagnostic verification by injection, I prefer a CT guided injection and close monitoring for the first 24 hours after the injection. We want to see if at least the numbing medication gives temporary relief, especially if tested by doing the activities that normally make the SI joint hurt.

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