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How do I find an SI joint pain specialist?

How do I find an SI joint pain specialist?

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– Dr. Michael R. Moore is a retired orthopedic spine surgeon with over 30 years experience in treating sacroiliac joint problems.
If you suspect your pain may be related to your SI joint, it’s important to find a physician who understands this specific type of injury and pain.

follow It’s easier today to find a doctor who understands SI joint pain, but it can still be a challenge. Why? Until the 1930s, the SI joint was widely recognized as a cause of low back pain. Once x-ray was found to be able to diagnose disc problems, however, the focus of physicians became disc issues and the SI joint was largely disregarded. Since the  1990’s, there has been a gradual rediscovery of the SI joint as a potential source of pain, but many practitioners still don’t learn much about SI pathology during their residency training.

When you’re seeking someone who truly understands SI joint pain, your best bet is to search for a spine surgeon or a pain specialist with expertise in sacroiliac joint problems.

If SI joint pain is suspected, your physician will conduct a number of diagnostic tests and therapeutic trials to confirm that your pain is coming from the SI joint. Your physician will likely recommend a plan to address and alleviate your pain. The plan may include physical therapy, an SI belt, steroid injections and other options. If you have exhausted your options of conservative treatments, then you may be a candidate for SI joint fusion surgery.