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Posted on Nov 19, 2015 in SI Joint Pain |

How do I know if I have SI joint pain?

How do I know if I have SI joint pain?

– Dr. Sunil Patel is a neurological surgeon at the Medical University of South Carolina.
Nearly 85 percent of us have lower back pain at some point in time. But in about 20 percent of those cases the pain isn’t coming from your spine – it’s coming from the sacroiliac (SI) joint. But how do you tell the difference between “ordinary” low back pain and SI joint pain?

Patients with SI joint issues will have pain when sitting for long periods of time, and it also hurts when they lay down on the painful side. The spine is in the middle of the back, so when you have low back pain in the center, that’s usually lumbar pain. SI joints are off to the side in the sacral area where the spine joins the pelvis, so it will be very tender there.

If you’re having pain in your lower back off to one or both sides of your spine, it’s time to see your doctor so they can properly diagnose the source of that pain.